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The Golden Age of Content

We’ve been hearing a lot about The Golden Age of Television… that beautiful, viagra sale beautiful time period that started sometime around the premiere of The Sopranos. It’s the difference between Full House and Orange is the New Black — ER and Breaking Bad — 7th Heaven and Modern Family.

It’s about the quality. We’re talking about 100+ episodes that flow together as wonderfully as a 2 hour movie.

Somewhere along the line, TV went from a nice waste of time to somewhat of a tasteful experience. Yes, still a break from reality. But no, not a thoughtless pit of cheap laughs and tears.

We need to get to that same place with content online.

We’ve spent the past few years reading paragraph after paragraph of keyword-packed, shallow articles. Maybe the title hooked you in but 9 times out of 10, you got nothing out of the article.

Hell, I still subscribe to at least 10 different blogs that, when I click through to read the article, I’m consistently disappointed (unsubscribing has been on my to do list for months… Procrastination!).

Just recently we’ve started seeing infographics, podcasts, video interviews, web series, and true, hearty articles of substance.

We’re talking about the difference between USA Today and The Washington Post — The National Enquirer and The New York Times — TMZ and BBC.

If we all just work a little bit harder, maybe finding good reading material for when I’m drinking my morning coffee won’t be quite so hard.

(Oh, and imagine the possibilities if your company started creating substancial content!)

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